About: Benefits of Encore Talent

Older adults strengthen organizations in a variety of ways. According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) older workers bring:

  • Work Experience – they can hit the ground running in your organization
  • Maturity/Professionalism – they will be great ambassadors for your organization, and bring established and valuable networks and contacts
  • Strong work ethic – willing to go the extra mile for your organization
  • Can be mentors to younger workers – an important role in growing the next generation of nonprofit leaders
  • Reliable – they tend to honor their commitments, and follow through on projects

For social impact organizations, encore talent has these advantages:

  • Affordable talent – often willing to trade off for-profit salaries for meaning and purpose
  • Passion driven – engaged, committed, and passionate about having an impact
  • Contribute to workplace diversity – bringing valuable views and insights to a multigenerational team
  • Not focused on promotions – they generally aren’t looking for career advancement, and are willing to contribute at the level your organization needs
  • Interested in the kind of work found in nonprofits – they connect with work that has meaning and allows them to contribute to the greater good