An expanding number of organizations are committed to the encore model, with proven approaches and successful outcomes.  Read about the latest efforts, learn from others’ experiences, and connect with people in the encore community who are willing to advise you.

In this section of the toolkit, you will find a list of experts to consult, programs to consider, and publications and websites to review as you explore encore options.

Photo: Hubert Jones, Founder and President, Boston Children’s Chorus
From long academic and nonprofit career to founder of a chorus to unite young people across differences of race, religion and economic status.

About the Talent

Learn about today's encore-stage adults

How You Benefit

Evidence and stories of how encore talent boosts capacity

Get Started

Action steps to identify and design encore engagements

Tap Volunteers

Strategies to engage encore talent as volunteers

Hire Encore

Proven approaches to hire encore talent as employees and consultants


Experts, news, additional information