Encore-stage employees bring broad experience, networks and fresh perspectives – think of their job descriptions as a starting point. Help them understand how their experience connects with your challenges and goals – and be open to input on topics beyond their job titles. Encore employees can add value by:

  • Recruiting their networks to support your work
  • Mentoring colleagues
  • Supporting strategy and planning efforts
  • Identifying opportunities for efficiencies and growth

Encore Success Story

Activating an Encore Worker’s Network

cheryledmondsCheryl Edmonds, Encore Fellow, Metropolitan Family Service (MFS), Portland, OR: Cheryl Edmonds brought extensive for-profit and nonprofit experience to help MFS achieve its mission to strengthen families and help them realize their full potential. During two Fellowships, Edmonds completed two significant projects. She updated branding and messaging to raise awareness of a car loan program and “Ways to Work” financial education. She also tapped her network to recruit other encore-age support: an ad agency executive, a banker and a retired Army captain.

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Next Steps

You’ve successfully hired, on-boarded and integrated encore talent into your organization. Now what? Learn more: In the Resources section, you will find expert advice, updates and a vibrant community of people committed to the encore approach.

Encore Talent in Action

From aerospace engineer to helping end homelessness through employment

roymanelliRoy Mainelli, Economic Security Manager, Journey Home:  With 33 years of experience in engineering, operations and management, Ray Mainelli leveraged his connections to develop job training that transitions formerly homeless people into living-wage jobs and and generates revenue for Journey Home. “It’s a small organization, five people, and they’re all trained in social work. So, they bring the warmer side to this process and the people part. I bring the business side and it works out well. I respect what they know and they really understand what our clients have gone through. They see I’ve been around. I can help them with raising money, organization structure, how best to handle some political situations. It’s a good arrangement.”

mattmorganMatt Morgan, Executive Director, Journey Home: “Roy used his knowledge from the aerospace industry to help the employer create positions that were more entry level, so we could train people for those positions. It’s really a great model and he did it all—his Excel charts with revenues, and funding streams, and leveraging, and matching grants. All of that stuff, he brought. I didn’t have to train him in any of that.“

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Expanding the impact of your encore hires

Managers have a tremendous impact on employee engagement and retention. This Building Movement article highlights the importance of positive supervisory relationships. Learn to include, recognize, and value employees of all ages.


Performance Management Resources

Organizations function best when everyone knows what is expected and people are well-trained, coached in how to perform their duties, and held accountable. These two resources outline essential performance management processes: Taproot Foundation’s Nonprofit Human Resources Best Practices Toolkit Free Management Library’s Performance Management