Social-sector organizations face many challenges: increased demand for services, tightening resources and service gaps. Encore talent can help your organization respond – and thrive. The data and the success stories prove it. This growing group is creating a movement to redefine the second half of life as a time of contribution and impact, paving the way to make a difference in nonprofits, government and social enterprises.

Explore why encore talent can help you solve your talent needs, and how to tap into this growing population.

Marc Freedman, CEO and Founder, Encore.org (formerly Civic Ventures), describes encore careers as the biggest transformation in the American workforce since the women’s movement.

Why People 50+?

People age 50 and older represent a large and growing demographic:

  • By 2019, workers 50+ will make up 33 percent of the workforce.
  • By 2030, 37 percent of Americans will be 50 or older.

More than ever, this population is entering their 50s, 60s and 70s with health, vitality and a strong commitment to give back to their communities. This isn’t just a baby boomer issue – demographers project that 50 percent of babies born today will live to be 100. By defining and supporting an encore life stage of engagement and contribution, the social sector will benefit today and lay the foundation for engaging future generations.

Robust Interest in Encores

Millions of people 50 to 70 years old are eager to share their skills, passions and expertise in encore careers that address social needs, typically in education, health care, human services and the environment. According to Encore.org research, more than 4.5 million are already working for social impact, and many more want to join them.

About the Talent


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recognizes the value of workers 50+. It conducts research and gathers best practices to help employers prepare for an aging workforce. Key reports:

Bruce Dixon, CEO, CPEP: Engineering Brighter Futures

“I believe that I’ve discovered my dream job. I can pursue my passion to help under-represented students while leveraging my educational and job-related experience to create a nationally award-winning nonprofit. It’s been a great marriage of my heart and my head!”

21 million:

Number of people interested in encores

4.5 million:

Number of people already in encores