Impact Examples: Hartford Symphony Orchestra

Encore Hire: Ruth Sovronsky
Former role: corporate lawyer
Current role: Development director, Hartford Symphony
hartfordsymphonyCEO David Fay commented, “When we recruited a new development director, Ruth was by far the best qualified on all fronts. Her life and work experience were some of her strongest assets. Her law background and writing skills distinguished her from other candidates.  Her analytical capabilities were clear.  She had development experience and personal interest in classical music as a musician with family members in orchestras.”
When we consider an experienced professional as a candidate, we really value their maturity and the ‘wisdom of years’ that can help our entire team succeed in our mission and in our community engagement.”

Ruth Sovronsky added, “My advice to anyone considering a candidate with corporate experience is don’t judge people by their faces, ages or past careers.  Look to their skills and how those skills are applicable to new challenges.  Experience has taught us to roll with punches, prioritize, and work in challenging environments.”

As an attorney, and now as a Development Director, I am using similar skills: helping people to commit to a shared vision, negotiating, active listening, speaking in front of groups, learning a subject matter quickly.

My love of music is in my DNA, but the move to the HSO was prompted by my desire to be part of an important arts organization that was serving the community through music.  Great music is always available those who want it, but the need to ensure the availability of music to the community is also important. “