Phoenix Conservatory of Music: Jim McNerney & Regina Nixon

Phoenix Conservatory of Music

The Phoenix Conservatory of Music benefits children, families and the community at large withaffordable, accessible and high-quality music education.


NONPROFIT TALENT: Tech skills translate to new revenue opportunities


JimMcNernyJim McNerney, Encore Fellow

After 26 years as an Intel programmer who always loved music, Jim McNerney joined the Encore Fellowships program for his next act. He worked with Experience Matters, a Phoenix-based organization that connects experienced talent with nonprofits. When he learned that the Phoenix Conservatory of Music had identified a need to develop recording space, he jumped in.

Serving as music technology project manager, Jim leverages his engineering skills as well as the interpersonal skills, honed through his decades at Intel. He helps PCM purchase equipment, design workstations and mentor high school students who are interested in music.


NONPROFIT BENEFITS: Expanded programs, new donors


ReginaNixonRegina Nixon, Phoenix Conservatory Executive Director

With donated equipment, a lifetime’s worth of know-how and the help of an able intern, Jim created three new recording studios and a music technology curriculum. Students benefit and PCM generates income from the studios. Tapping into his community connections, Jim recruited in-kind donations, new volunteers and new donors.

Regina Nixon, PCM’s Executive Director, said, “Without Jim and his technical expertise and passion, coupled with the funding and resources that Experience Matters coordinates and supports, Phoenix Conservatory of Music would not have been able to get this project off the ground!”

A version of this story originally appeared on the Experience Matters website and Jim has been profiled in Stories from the Encore Movement.