Impact Examples: Senhoa Foundation


Senhoa Foundation supports vulnerable persons and survivors of human trafficking through prevention, rehabilitation and advocacy programs.

Two years after Senhoa Foundation’s launch, its board recruited an Executive Service Corps of Southern California consultant to provide leadership coaching for its ED, as it transitioned from a founder-led organization to sustainability. Consultant Lynn Dines came to the assignment with for-profit experience in marketing, project management, HR and new ventures, as well as a Peace Corps stint in Morocco.

Partway through that project, Senhoa’s ED left and its founder, Lisa Nguyen, stepped in as ED. Lynn recruited an additional consultant and modified the engagement to include a strategic planning process.

Lisa says that the ESC consultants “focused on what needed to be solved” to guide development of Senhoa’s strategy. Lisa notes, “We now have a living, breathing strategic plan and we are working as a team to address critical items. It is an organization-wide effort – it was an entire organization coming together to create this guiding document to next steps.”

ESC’s consultants continued to coach Lisa and Senhoa’s leadership to ensure that the plan’s action items were carried out, with good results: Senhoa has received two awards for its….[describe]

“ESC consultants identified where we needed support and helped strategize about how to tackle those issues,” says Lisa. “This outsiders’ perspective pushed us along as a team. We can’t measure the value of their services and what they have given us.”

Now that Senhoa has completed its strategic plan, Lisa has asked ESC to work with them on a third project: board development.